Page 2 Stage: Sight Unseen


Experience the magic of live theater through Page 2 Stage. Dive deeper into your feelings, thoughts, and even questions in a group discussion moderated by CSU professors Scott Davis and Shannon Stevens! How to participate in Page 2 Stage: First, read the Sight Unseen script by Donald Margulies Available for purchase through [email protected] or you

Page 2 Stage: Sight Unseen2023-05-01T14:49:08-07:00

Artist Lab: Improv Drop-In


Join us for an epic showdown where teams will square off in improvised competitions. Artist Lab brings the world-famous Theatresports to Prospect Theater! And that’s not all, our very own ensemble players will delight everyone with an improvised performance to end the night! Meet new people, be spontaneous, and share the laughs. Our Improv Drop-In is

Artist Lab: Improv Drop-In2023-04-27T14:32:05-07:00

Sight Unseen


In taut scenes that dart from past to present and back, the characters are forced to deal with the unanswerable question of anti-Semitism, the legacy of the Holocaust and assimilation, the sadness of lost love, the role of the artist, and the location of the human soul at the end of a ragged century. Play

Sight Unseen2023-04-20T10:33:21-07:00

Improv Drop-In


Join us for a night of fun and play with Improv games, Hitchcock Style! Meet new people, be spontaneous, and share the laughs! This drop-In is perfect for a non-committal taste of Improv. We welcome all levels of experience. Give it a try!

Improv Drop-In2023-04-04T11:01:05-07:00
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