Tips for Pics

It seems like we all are living, and sharing, our lives through pictures these days. And when we travel, be it for the Almond Blossom Cruise or an African Safari, we really get crazy with taking and posting pictures. If you’re like me you probably often ask yourself, “Can I make a poster or will I frame that?”, “Was it good enough to really share” and a variety of other questions about the quality of the shot.

So, to help us all be better picture takers and ‘sharer’ of pictures I thought a few ‘tips for pics’ would be helpful. And, these tips cover both cameras and mobile phone picture taking.

So, here’s my top ten tips plus links below to help you learn more;

  1. Clean the lens regardless of what type of camera. Be sure to use the proper materials (and your shirt is really not a good option!)
  2. Use the rule of thirds. Check out THIS ARTICLE about what that means…you’ll love it!
  3. Keep your composition simple. Busy pictures are really hard to view – especially on social media posts.
  4. Decide what type of photos you want to take before you purchase a camera. Action, still life, architecture? You have options. Learn more HERE about camera types.
  5. Learn about where you’re going before you get there so you have an idea of what you may be shooting. National Geographic has this ARTICLE that may help.
  6. Be unique. Don’t take the picture everyone else is taking. Find a cool angle, a unique backdrop or composition for your images.
  7. Think “Oh how cute!”. Who doesn’t like pictures with animals in it. Whether it’s a dog sitting in front of a statue or a giraffe eating from a tree, animals are always good subjects. Gheesh, even we promote a Modesto Loves Dogs passport!
  8. Shooting at night is not easy. Practice, practice, practice! Don’t take my word for it, check out what CANVA has to say.
  9. Cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Pick one that’s right for you. Get some advice from PCMAG HERE.
  10. You can use a smartphone and get great shots. Take tips from blogger Anita Hendrieka about SMARTPHONE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY

You can also check out tips at The Wandering Lens or iphonephotographyschool too.

Have Fun…be sure to share your photos with us @visitmodesto!

-Todd Aaronson