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Date : December 8, 2018 -
Time : 5:00pm
Location : Downtown Modesto
Address :
Modesto, CA 95354
Description : Santas MUST wear appropriate attire!
A complete Santa suit, Mrs. Claus suit, snowman, crown of thorns & loin cloth or some other festive decoration are not only part of the deal, but exceedingly FUN! And it will get you in free to Official SantaCon bars & make you unbelievably popular! The point is to have fun & to make the holidays a great time!

WHAT??? SantaCon is your opportunity to be Santa!
You should dress like Santa.
You should Ho Ho Ho like Santa.
And, of course, you must drink like Santa.
Who’s in charge? Santa

To participate:
1. Dress like Santa! Unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are appreciated also.
2. Santa brings cash. Most bars downtown have agreed to allow Santa free entry. Make it easy on the bartenders by paying with cash.
3. Santas don't mess with police, kids or security. Be kind like Santa!
4. Santa doesn't drink and drive. DO NOT LET ANYONE DRINK & DRIVE! NO EXCUSES! Leave NO wassailer behind! If you find a Santa that has too much to drink, put ’em in a cab! Nobody wants to trip over an obliterated Santa!
Contact :
Phone : 209-214-0137
Email :
Web Site :


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