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We have so many things to do during our Almond Blossom Cruise that we couldn’t fit it all on one page! Here you’ll find lists of restaurants with specialty almond items on their menu, fun kids stops and activities for car breaks, and some local favorites from our staff.

Almonds on the Menu

Kids Activities 

Staff Favs

Travel Tips

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Local Staff Favorites

We love these local spots – and we think you will too!

Dragonfly Tea Room: This gem is one spot you could do some shopping, have a casual meet up with friends, or splurge for a spectacular themed tea experience complete with accompanying fare. Hot or cold, this is an experience for anyone!– Kristin 

Roberts Ferry Bridge: “We always go over the bridge and park then walk across the bridge, watch the fish, take in the view, grab some fresh air and then jump in the car for the rest of our cruise.” – Todd

Last Call Brewing Company: “I love this spot, it’s a go to for me and my friends.” – Kate

Galletto Ristorante:In the heart of downtown you’ve got one of the most memorable restaurants you may ever visit. The décor of this historic building, the patio with a fireplace, fountains and bocce ball, the unbelievable wine list, and one of the best whisky and spirit bars, all pale in comparison to the incredible food and service. Whether a romantic dinner or taking the kids for the fire-baked pizzas, you won’t be disappointed.” – Todd

Commonwealth: “My husband and I actually had our first date here many years ago, so this place has a special spot in my heart. Not only do they have an incredible beer selection, but their food is delicious as well!” – Elyse

Modesto Certified Farmers Market: “This farmers market not only has options, but those options are the freshest and best around – on display in a charming and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the culture and offerings of our community.” – Kristin 

Picnic at the POPS: This Modesty Symphony Orchestra annual September event is a favorite of the locals that even the most seasoned connoisseur of the arts should not miss. Imagine the best concert you could dream up with a picnic basket in hand… now add in the buzz of a riveted crowd aged 1 to 100 with all of them on their feet and singing. Look up tickets now. You won’t want to miss it.– Kristin

Wildfire Public House: Bacon Pickle Pizza…yes that’s a thing and you don’t want to miss this tasty appetizer. It’s great for sharing so you save room for all the other great dishes too! Try the It’s Lit Margarita (yes on fire!)…and don’t forget to take pics!” – Kate

Magnolia Southern Kitchen:Trace’s commitment to her craft and passion for people can be tasted in every bite no matter what you order. Comfort food worthy of being called “southern style” but proudly present in Modesto is not to be missed. And whatever you do, save room for cobbler!” – Anthony

Bloomingcamp Ranch: “I’ve been baking since I was young with my grandparents, so I am definitely picky when it comes to purchasing baked goods – and I have never been disappointed by anything I’ve gotten here! The menu changes depending on what is fresh and there is a plethora of options from fruit pies to sandwiches to cookies to pot pies, and many more. I always ensure I order ahead online so I secure my goodies, and I always include the apple dumplings because they are TO DIE FOR!” – Elyse

Roberts Ferry Gourmet/Waterford: “Of course the Almond Butter Milkshake is a fav, but so is the experience out there. The orchard walk to the top of the hill where you can see the snow-capped Sierras over the orchards blooming and the river is incredible.” – Todd

Mocha Magic: Mocha Magic is my neighborhood café version of “Cheers”. The staff is so welcoming and there’s something for everyone including gluten-free and vegan sweets, precious goodies for your pooch, specialty confections, and savory sandwiches and soups that plant a smile in your soul. ” – Kristin

Rodin Farms: There’s no more important stop on your way than Rodin Farms. Just walking in the blossoming orchard gets me to relax. This is a memory that I cherish for 11 months until I can do it again. And, all year round, I stop at the farm stand at least once a month for fresh produce, fruit, herbs and nuts. You’ll want to be a seasonal regular if you don’t live here…worth a trip several times a year – even my SF friends come to buy Xmas Trees here! – Todd

Camp 4 Wine Cafe:Camp4 is one of my favorite spots for a “Me Date”! Don’t get me wrong… it is a great place for groups and events, but I love to indulge in their latest Pinot Freezio and try whatever’s in season on the charcuterie board. – Kristin

Prospect Theater Project:There’s something spectacularly enthralling about an intimate setting for a theatre production and PTP delivers a course of brilliance with a healthy side of hospitality at every show.– Anthony

Picasso’s Gourmet Deli & Art:I’m a sandwich guy and since I’ve moved to Modesto, Jordi’s place has been my go-to for a GREAT sandwich. The freshest lunch in town and you get to view his artwork on display while you wait!– Todd

Twisted Pig Bar & Grill: “This little joint is packed with flavor and character. Inventive but non-pretentious menu options about. Ask for extra napkins and go at it. You won’t be disappointed.– Kate

Modesto Grub Hubs Food Truck Park: “Do you have a family who can never decide on where to eat because of differing tastes? Then this is the place for you! Pupusas? Got ’em! Tepanyaki? Definitely! Churros? You bet! You get the point. There are so many options here and everything I’ve had so far has been delicious.” – Elyse

Mr. T’s Donuts: “This place is a Modesto institution! Not only have they been on national lists for some of the best donut shops in the country, but they are beloved by locals. They are also open 24 hours, so you can grab fresh donuts whenever the craving hits!” – Anthony

Piccadilly Deli: “Sandwiches may seem uninspired to some, but Piccadilly’s paninis are a reason to take a stroll and enjoy your lunch! My personal favorite is the Pancho Villa… It tastes like comfort food pressed between bread, with a little spice.” – Kristin

Sciabica Family Olive Oil: “I recommend calling in advance to find out if someone will be available when you plan to go to conduct an olive oil tasting. Then save room in the trunk, as you’ll leave with at least four new flavors for your salads, baking and grilling! After my first tasting I started cooking my eggs with extra virgin olive oil and now I don’t ever use butter. Plus, they’ve got the new Track 24 Brewery adjacent to the tasting room…what more do you need!” – Todd

Food Fix Butcher and Baker: “Another local restaurant with an incredible beer selection! Once you’re done pondering over all of your beer choices, there’s a menu that has sandwiches made with fresh baked bread and rotating menu items dependent on what is fresh – plus a case of baked goods! You could easily grab a beer and some lunch here and then spend all afternoon talking to the friendly staff or people watching out on their patio.” – Elyse

The State Theatre: “If you don’t live in the Bay Area or Los Angeles, it can be tough to see limited-release movies and smaller independent projects. The State gives film fans a chance to catch these movies in a beautiful location that’s been a part of Modesto history since 1934. If you’re like me and want to watch every movie nominated for an Oscar in any given year, or you’re just looking to support a theater that goes above and beyond what the bigger chains are doing, The State Theatre is the place to be.” – Anthony

Oakdale Cheese & Specialties: “Oh My Gosh! Every cheese is incredible. There are aged cheeses that rival parmesan (and can be used as substitutes), my cheese curdfriends LOVE the cheese curds, the fresh made grilled cheese sandwich is yummy…plus you can buy your goodies, including wine, and dine outside where the little ones can run around and check out the animals too!” – Todd

Stewart & Jasper Orchards: “I love wine tasting with cheese at Stewart and Jasper. I get to buy my almond goodies on the way out too!” – Kristin

J & J Ramos Farmstand: “You can’t go wrong while shopping here! They have everything from fresh fruit to baked goods to honey and more.” – Elyse 

Ferrareses Deli: “This gem is more than meets the eye, you won’t be sorry you stopped there… even if there’s a wait” – Kate

Preservation Coffee & Tea: “If you like strong coffee and a touch of nostalgia, then this is the coffee shop for you! Delicious coffee with a side of VHS tapes playing daily. My personal favorite is the Contractor.” – Elyse 

West Modesto off Hart Road – “For quick orchard views just a few minutes from downtown there’s no better drive. I’ll pull over in a safe spot and eat lunch that I grabbed at The Sandwich Shop on Kansas and just chill out.” – Todd

Divine Swine Grill & Bar: This is my go to place for the best whisky selection paired with the best BBQ sit down meal in town. Outdoor, indoor, at the bar…there’s not a bad seat and you can watch the game while getting your fingers sticky with sauce! – Todd

West 132 between the 5 and Modesto:There’s an overpass here that you have to slow down on and see for miles in each direction. The white and pink landscape is truly breathtaking – just don’t stop on the freeway!– Kristin

Rodin Ranch Farmers’ Market – Downtown Modesto:I’m good for at least one 8oz pack of almonds or cashews a week. Add the salads, hummus, whipped feta (get the dried green beans for dipping) and Marie’s home-made fruit drinks and you’ll be there weekly too.– Elyse

Taqueria El Maguey:Our go-to Mexican restaurant. Everything is fresh, everything is good. This is authentic and delicious. Lunch on the patio before a cruise is ideal!– Todd

Papapolloni Mediterranean Bistro:I’m a sucker for great Mediterranean food and Papapolloni’s never disappoints.– Anthony

8th Street Taco Trucks:My kids don’t come back to Modesto without stopping here. They are the favorite of regulars who drive the 99 and locals alike! – Todd

Cahoots Corner Cafe: “I grew up going there and to put it simply, Cahoots never gets old. The hometown vibes and pride are very welcoming and wholesome.” – Kate 

Village Baking Company & Cafe: “If you have a sweet tooth, this is a must try! They have AMAZING baked goods – if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!” – Elyse 

Village Butcher: “Matt and his crew are incredible, I never can decide which sandwich is better and I find I always leave with something fresh from the butcher case for dinner!” – Todd

The Fruit Yard: “OK, these BBQ sandwiches are ‘to die for’ – eat ‘em there, take ‘em on the road, grab a pie…doesn’t matter, it’s all soooo good. If you are there late in the day, grab the ‘family dinner’ BBQ to-go and the whole family will be happy!” – Todd

Marsella Family Vineyards: “This detour is definitely worth taking, but make sure to call for an appointment! I mean, who doesn’t love a wine tasting paired with amazing views.” – Kate

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Special thanks to the Almond Board of California, the local ranchers who do all the hard work and the entire community for helping to make this an exciting trip for so many who came to visit!

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