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2023 Almond Blossom Cruise

This past almond blossom season was spectacular. There were two orchards open for walking, picture taking and picnics with special thanks to Rodin Farms and Roberts Ferry Gourmet. There was cheese being made at Oakdale Cheese & Specialties, there was wine tasting and almond tasting at Stewart & Jasper Orchard shop in McHenry Village, there were tastings at Sciabica Family Olive Oil and, oh yes, there were miles and miles of beautiful blossoms.

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The 2022 Almond Blossom Cruise may be over, but the AUDIO TOUR is still available for anyone wanting to take a beautiful drive through the Central Valley. You’ll need to use the links below to download the Wayfarer app first to enjoy the tour.

Our audio tour shares stories of how almonds are grown, why Zorro has a place in our Modesto history, lessons on bees and pollination plus some juicy tidbits about George Lucas and the Gallo Family.
Mark your calendar for the first week of February to the first week of March and keep in touch with us so you know when the blossoms will be blooming. Remember, Mother Nature is on her own schedule when it comes to blooms but you can pretty much count on those four to five weeks being special.
Special thanks to the Almond Board of California, the local ranchers who do all the hard work and the entire community for helping to make this an exciting trip for so many who came to visit!

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You may still find free Maps, Almond Activity Guides, Coloring Books, and more at any of these ‘stops’ along the way if you choose to still ‘cruise’;



  • Drive Carefully and find a safe place to pull over and view the beauty.
  • Take lots of pictures, bring water, and if you take the long eastern route from La Grange to Knight’s Ferry, be sure to grab a snack, gas, and charge up.
  • Be sure to stop at the local farm stands to pick up fresh local products.
  • Be sure to share your photos on social media. #visitmodesto and tag us @visitmodesto
  • Walk in an orchard. There is irrigation equipment and the orchards are private property.
  • Drive into the orchard roads, dirt roads or along the canals.
  • Leave without grabbing some almonds. From smoked to cinnamon, to jalapeño to chocolate coated, there’s something for everyone.
  • Pick the almond blossoms, they become nuts!

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If you are wondering where the best photo opportunities are, check out this map:


Is there a fee? No fee. It’s free.

Where Can We Take Pictures? You can take pictures at the following locations:

-Rodin Farms – The almond orchards come up right to the parking lot area.

-Robert’s Ferry Nut Company – The almond orchards also pull up right to the parking lot area.

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