That’s right, George Lucas actually wrote his cult classic American Graffiti about his high school experiences growing up in Modesto.

Now Modesto is proud to celebrate the most robust car culture in Northern California. So much so, that we dedicate a whole month to it – Graffiti Summer lasts the entire month of June.

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Imagine 1,400 cars lining the streets of downtown and extending a mile down the main drag. That’s how the festivities kick off for over 20 years on a Friday night in June.

The Classic Car Parade, with over 10,000 spectators lining Modesto McHenry Ave. and J Street, is followed by music in downtown that brings you back to sock hops, root beer floats, and varsity jackets!

The weekend continues with the Graffiti Show featuring over 1,000 classic cars on display, live music, beer gardens, a craft fair, and games for kids of all ages.

The festivities continue all month long throughout the city with classic car shows almost every night from the Vintage Faire Mall to McHenry Village and all points in between.

But, June is not the only time Modesto gets “all geared up”. There are at least two car shows each month around town.

Every parade has a host of classic cars; from the Celebration of Lights Parade (imagine Santa in a cherry red 1963 convertible Corvette!) to the July 4th Parade, visitors get to see the history of American ingenuity, muscle cars, and touring cars from the early 20th Century.

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