Get Mo Wine!

This program was created so you can enjoy a ‘wine tasting’ all around Modesto but with a twist…we are focusing the tastings on the theme of the month! In November wine flights are designed to help you learn and select wines that go with Thanksgiving Dinner. In December the wine flights will focus on Christmas and sparkling wine for New Year’s. And so on for every month of the year!

To make this happen just right, Visit Modesto is working with sommelier Pat Dodd, The Wine Dodd, to create a unique flight in every participating restaurant. After 35 years at E&J Gallo running tastings and training thousands of people around the world Pat is taking his expertise as a sommelier and making it hyper-local. He has created information and flights for Modesto restaurants that actually help you choose what to serve with that special meal this month, what to bring if you are a guest and even a few tasting tips about each wine. What more can you ask for? Well, another glass…Cheers!

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November 2020; Wines For Your Thanksgiving Table – by Pat the Wine Dodd

Through the years I’ve had amazing opportunities to help chefs around the world create intricate and magical food and wine pairing menus, and am constantly asked by friends and associates, “Pat—what wine would go best with…(fill in the blank)?”

Well, simply put, I’m a firm believer that ANY wine with food is better than NO wine with food. If you like the wine, and you like the dish, then chances are you are going to enjoy the two of them together. But, if the pairing is to be GREAT instead of just good, if you are to achieve true synergy (together the food and wine ELEVATE each other) then NORMALLY the question of which wine(s) will work best with a menu needs to be answered by a series of other questions: How many courses? What dish are you preparing with each course? How are you preparing each dish? How are you saucing/seasoning each? Do you prefer complementary or contrasting flavors and textures…or both? etc.

However, at Thanksgiving time (Thankfully), ALL of those questions can be thrown out the window! Why? Because Thanksgiving Dinner is one of the few meals we serve each year that includes both a A) Large (are “largish” during these COVID days) gathering of friends and family, and B) A large gathering of food styles and flavors all on the same plate.Simply put—it’s IMPOSSIBLE to select just ONE wine that will pair equally well with all of the foods/flavors combined on the plate, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick just ONE wine that will be equally enjoyed by every person at your table. For instance, white and dark turkey meat, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy and stuffing, green beans or corn, cranberry sauce or no…the combinations of different flavors and textures are endless. Examples are 0aked versus unoaked whites, medium tannin versus low tanning reds, dry versus sweet wines…they ALL can be included!And that is why our November Mo’Wine tasting flight suggestions include such a diversity of offerings from each of your wine lists.