Get Mo Wine and Cheese!

This program was created so you can enjoy a ‘wine tasting’ all around Modesto, but with a twist…we are focusing the tastings on the theme of the month! Last month, wine flights were designed to help you learn and select wines that go with chocolate, in December the wine flights were focused on Christmas and sparkling wine for New Year’s. And so on for every month of the year.

Pat Dodd talks wine & cheese pairing with Joe Baird & Tom Bender.


Wine and Cheese Pairing

Spring has sprung, many of us are getting vaccinated, and everyone is itching to entertain again. So you know what that means…Wine and Cheese! So, to celebrate Spring and small social gatherings again, we’re bringing you some tips on pairing wine with cheeses. Bon Appetit!

Remember my favorite saying…”ANY wine with food is better than NO wine with food!” Well, if the pairing is to be GREAT instead of just good, then there are a few guidelines to think about.  And, this month’s guidelines have to do with pairing wines with CHEESES:

  1. First, focus on the TEXTURE of the Cheese:
    • Creamier Cheeses go best with Higher Acid/Lower Tannin white and red wines
    • Harder Cheeses go best with Lower Acid/Higher Tannin white and red wines
  2. Then, look at the INTENSITY of the Cheese: The “Stinkier” the Cheese, the Sweeter the wine should be

Why?  Chemistry again!  Only this time, we are balancing the acidity, sweetness, and bitterness of the Wines with the fat, sugar content, acidity, and possible biological growth (molds and bacterium) inside or on the surface of the Cheeses.

Cheeses around the world come in an amazing array of styles and flavors. But, in general, they can be grouped into just a few “Families of Cheese”, and those families paired with wine styles:

As always, if you need specific advice, just email me: [email protected]

Cheers to you and yours!

Pat Dodd, The Wine Dodd