The Murals of Modesto

A blank wall is pure potential. Michelangelo knew it well: When you have space, fill it spectacularly. That’s what has happened in Modesto, where wall art is bringing a sophisticated feel to the downtown scene. Every year since 2015, the city has recruited an international collection of mural masters and graffiti stars to dazzle downtown visitors with their colossal creations. Now that the Sistine Chapel is out of your travel plans for a while, Modesto is a convenient alternative:

A local destination packed with world-class foods, drinks, fun, and an international lineup of dazzling wall art. George Lucas put his hometown on the cultural map with American Graffiti. Now Modesto has become a feast for the eyes. Start in downtown and leave time for more of the 125 public works of art in Modesto!


As you are walking the streets of Modesto admiring the beauty of each mural, remember to take photos along the way and share them on social. Use the hashtag #MoMurals for a chance to be featured on our feed and in our weekly newsletter. Post it, share it, like it, remember it!

With almost 100 public murals, you can enjoy the arts outdoors while in your own ‘space’ at the heart of California! The Modesto Murals Itinerary gives you a taste of the wide variety of public murals located around our city; each with a unique spin and flavor stemming from the artists who brought their creations to life. Browse through our Murals page to learn more about the mural scene here in Modesto, California.

Modernism and Classic Architecture in Modesto

Though the roots of Modesto are in agriculture that doesn’t mean the city’s history is full of farmhouses. As a major stop on the railroad going back to the late nineteenth century Modesto’s downtown was the center of finance, shopping and the arts for over a hundred miles around.

On the mural map you can access online to the link below you will find a guide to the historical architecture of Modesto. The Modesto Culture Commission has created several ways to learn more on the Modesto Art Museum website HERE plus when you walk the streets of downtown you will be amazed at how history leaps out at you on almost every corner.

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