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We want to help pets and their owners enjoy Modesto equally. First, you get Dog Swag when you sign up for the Modesto Loves Dogs passport. Second, we wanted to help you find the pet friendly places to go; from hotels to restaurants to the best parks for man’s best friend. Just click on the links below to find your pup’s next excursion.
For the month of April, we are giving away Modesto Loves Dog bandanas for those who stop in at our office in downtown Modesto. Or you can just register for the passport below and start with swag and earn more swag the more you frequent local pet friendly restaurants and hotels. Plus you’ll get special deals at participating businesses.*

Why are dogs considered a Man’s Best Friend?

Great question! We went to several sources and it seems there is more than enough evidence to point at wolves. ALL dogs seem to back to wolves (though we don’t recommend domesticating a wolf from the local forest) and how wolves and man learned to work together over time. Check out Purely-Pets for some cool background.
*offers provided by each businesses are listed in the passport program and require verification of passport notification upon check-in.


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole – Roger Caras

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Ibn Battuta

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Malcolm Forbes

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