End of the Line is the premiere Allman Brothers Tribute Band making a name for themselves with a sound as classic and heavy as the original brothers themselves. Endorsed by the Official Allman Brothers Museum and former Allman Brothers band members and collaborators, End of the Line caries on the legacy of the Allman Brothers with poise and power. Come experience the soul, jam, and spirit that lives on through each note hit. In this all-new show for 22/23, the band pays tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the iconic Allman Brothers album Eat a Peach. The show will include the band playing the album live from beginning to end, followed by a second half with a selection of Allman Brothers hits as requested by the audience.

Ticket Prices: $29 – $49

For more information regarding tickets and event details: https://tickets.galloarts.org/8778/8779


Gallo Center for the Arts

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