Tourism Marketing District Management Committee – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Tuesday April 18, 2022, 3:30 pm-5:00pm ~ Redwood Café 4342 Dale Road *In person meeting only

Committee Members: Bert Tabrizi, Vanessa Emo, Hollie Huson, Trushil Khatri, Prashil Chandra, Neal
Khatri, Brittany Guevara
Presenting, Todd Aaronson, Kristin Galloway – Modesto CVB
Open Meeting – 3:30pm

Agenda Items:
Roll Call
Approve Minutes from anuary 24, 2023
Sherman AntiTrust
MTMD Packet
Financials YTD
Market Performance Update YTD
Leads updates
Marketing Update
Staff Updates
Financials YTD
California Welcome Center
CVTA Update
MTMD Issues
Planning TMD 2024
CVB Board Recommendations for the month from MTMD
Open Issues/Items too late for Agenda
Open Comments from Public

CLOSED SESSION is not scheduled at this time


Redwood Cafe
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