Visit Modesto Board Meeting

Open to the Public. For access to the open session of this meeting you may join the ‘zoom’ call by phone or online. Instructions are below.
To submit a question or request, please contact [email protected]
This meeting will be hosted at the Visit Modesto office for those who wish to attend in person: 1008 12th Street, Modesto
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 461686 OR Dial by your location 669 900 6833
Board Packet and Materials: CLICK HERE
    Roll Call
  • Approval of Minutes from September 13, 2022
  • Brown Act Public Meetings Extension/AB 361
  • Anti-Trust Review
    • “In order to ensure that the Corporation and its Directors comply with antitrust laws, participants at Board meetings of the Corporation are reminded to refrain from any actions or discussion which may be construed as violations of anti-trust law. Specifically, there will be no discussion relating to pricing or fees, discounts, sales, credit terms, competitive practices, or market allocations. Furthermore, participants should refrain from discussion of specific problems related to an individual business and limit their questions and statements to those of general industry practices. “
  • BOD; Retiring Members & New Member Applicants
  • Marketing Presentation from RELIC AGENCY
    • 9:15am-9:30am plus Q&A
    • Relic Agency is the Agency of Record for Visit Modesto
    • Relic will be presenting two unique marketing campaigns for positioning Modesto/Visit Modesto to uniquely position Modesto as THE choice destination in the Central Valley
  • Financial Updates
  • YTD Financials
    • Reserve Fund Investments
    • Revenue Update
  • Market REsults
    • STR/TOT/Zartico
    • AirDNA Impact of Short Term Home Rentals
  • California Welcome Center
  • Marketing Update
  • Visit CA Update
  • PR Mission
  • Newsletter Results
  • Community Issues; Lighting and Stadium/River District
  • MTMD Update
    • TOT Fees
    • MTMD Membership Committee
  • Matters too late for the Agenda
  • Public Comments
  • Adjournment
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