Visit Modesto/Modesto CVB Board Meeting

Open to the Public at approximately 9:30am after Closed Session – guests will be admitted by host when Closed Session is over.
For access to the open session of this meeting you may join the ‘zoom’ call by phone or online. Instructions are below.
To submit a question or request, please contact [email protected]
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Meeting ID: 865 1266 8942 |Passcode: 203088
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  • Closed Session 9:00-9:30am
  • Roll Call
  • Staffing
  • Legal

Public Session 9:30am

  • Roll Call
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting
  • Brown Act Public Meetings Findings
  • Anti-Trust Review from Attorney

“In order to ensure that the Corporation and its Directors comply with antitrust laws, participants at Board meetings of the Corporation are reminded to refrain from any actions or discussion which may be construed as violations of anti-trust law. Specifically, there will be no discussion relating to pricing or fees, discounts, sales, credit terms, competitive practices, or market allocations. Furthermore, participants should refrain from discussion of specific problems related to an individual business and limit their questions and statements to those of general industry practices. ”

  • Financial FYTD Review
  • Budget Plan/Business Plan Calendar
  • Downtown Group Activity Update
  • Marketing and MTMD Update
  • Almond Blossom Cruise
  • YTD Results
  • ARPA Funding Discussion; Review and Discussion
    • General Plan 3/1/22-2/28/23
    • Wayfinding
    • Almond Blossom Cruise 2023
    • Cultural & Cultural Food Programs (ie; Taco Quest, Ag Cruise, etc)
    • Agricultural Tourism
    • Stone Fruit Season
    • Chefs from Hell Competition
    • Harvest
    • Arts/Entertainment Programming
    • Mural Tour
    • Music Events
    • eSports
    • Get Mo Cheer
    • Outdoors/Marathon/Health
    • Sales Related
    • Tour/OTA (online travel agencies)
    • Sports Groups
    • Meetings/Small Group Sales/SMERF
    • Results Tracking
    • Financial Impact
    • Staffing Impact
  • Closed Session Update
  • Matters too late for the Agenda
  • Public Comments
  • Adjournment


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