No Ego, No Pride; Pandemic Thought for the Day

Pride and ego have no place here. Emotionally some of us are holding it together better than others. Not so say that we’re all not feeling the toll of isolation, financial stress, worry about actually ‘living through this’ and even the sadness of losing loved ones. Even the calmest of us is probably one comment away from losing it. That’s why we all need to lose the ego right now.

This is not about right or wrong, right or left, right or fight. We cannot let our pride for our place in the social structure, political structure, business structure or even family structure get in the way of working and living together. We really do have a common goal regardless of political beliefs, social status or economic well-being.

We all want to get to the ‘future after Covid-19’ healthy and safe. So, put the ego and pride aside, don’t get territorial, consider that odd request as about another’s survival rather than an infringement on your rights. It’s time to breath slowly (with a mask), check the ego in your pocket and find a way to work together. At least until this crisis passes…preferably longer.