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Visit Modesto joins Visit California in its call for safe and responsible travel this summer and beyond. We support the Responsible Travel Code launched last month. We are asking visitors to travel with RESPECT by committing to these seven best practices when exploring the Golden State and our community. The team at Visit Modesto encourages every visitor, every resident and every guest of local businesses to embrace this Responsible Travel Code.

The code marries the imperative to travel safely amid the coronavirus pandemic with California’s ongoing effort to encourage visitors, tourism industry partners and Californians to create a sustainable and respectful environment for all. As the code’s preamble pinpoints, “Respect is the key to keeping each other safe and all of California’s precious and fragile beauty protected, today and tomorrow.”

“The tenets of our Responsible Travel Code speak to both preserving California and to the safety of our communities and visitors as the state begins to reopen for leisure travel,” said Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California. “We hope this code can serve as a quick resource for travelers on how to stay safe and be respectful of others and of the environment when visiting the state.”

California Responsible Travel Code:

  • Roam Responsibly. I will explore California thoughtfully and responsibly, maintaining the utmost respect for everyone and everything I encounter.
  • Educate Myself. I will do my research before traveling across the state, familiarizing myself with local regulations and community concerns, which may have changed over time. This is especially important in rural communities with limited healthcare resources.
  • Safety First. I will follow public health directives from government officials, including physical distancing measures. I will take all necessary steps to minimize health risks to myself and others and stay home if I’m sick.
  • Preserve California. I will protect and nurture the Golden State’s pristine outdoor spaces and cultural icons by maintaining a light footprint at every turn and paying special attention to delicate ecosystems.
  • Embrace Community. I will support local businesses and do my part to ensure the long-term prosperity of the places I visit.
  • Celebrate Culture. I will immerse myself in California’s diverse local cultures and embrace the traditions and practices I encounter.
  • Teach Others. I will lead by example and share these practices with fellow travelers, acknowledging that we all share the responsibility to protect California.

The RESPECT code is published on the newly launched as part of the Responsible Travel Hub, found at This resource demonstrates ways visitors can travel safely and responsibly and shares what businesses and communities across the state are doing to ensure the safety of their employees and guests. Content includes tips and strategies for those ready to travel and covers what travelers need to know about visiting California beaches, hotels, wineries, breweries, shops, restaurants and parks, as well as renting a vehicle and flying in and out of California airports.

You Can Travel Safe

The coronavirus crisis has devastated California’s tourism industry, bringing leisure travel to a halt for three months. However, new state public health guidelines, which went into effect June 12, allow counties to open for leisure travel, provided health benchmarks are met and social distancing and sanitizing protocols are adopted.

“Visitors should plan ahead by checking with the destinations they intend to visit to learn what activities are allowed, prohibited or limited, and prepare accordingly,” Beteta said. “They should plan to take several new precautions, but they should also be excited to experience travel again — spending time with loved ones, creating new memories, and enjoying the communities and great experiences that California has to offer.”

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