Pandemic Thought of the Day

A Little Something Extra


A little something extra; Pandemic Thought for the Day Lagniappe: def - a little something extra (pronounced lan-yap). I love this Cajun term. Lagniappe is often used in Louisiana culture to express a form of personal or professional hospitality. Think about it; how does your business or service provide customers a little something extra? There’s an

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One Thing


One Thing; Pandemic Thought of the Day One Thing. Remember Curly in City Slickers? He told Mitch that you only need to focus on "One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean sh-t." There’s a business lesson there we can all consider very seriously in these trying times. Actually,

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Control; a thought for the day We are not in control; Rich or poor, book-smart or street-smart, active or couch potato, influencer or no friends at all, prince or pimp we are all affected by the pandemic equally. From the Prime Minister of Great Britain to the Partier on the Beach of Miami we

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