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April in Modesto


April in Modesto Spring is in the air and we can go out again and enjoy it (with people and masks!). You can feel it all around; from the parks to the farm stands and from the outdoor dining at local restaurants to cruising with the top down! We know you’re itching to get out

April in Modesto2021-04-13T16:17:28-07:00

Travel Pass or Travel Passport?


Travel Pass or Travel Passport? Asia, Europe and the Caribbean are all testing them. IATA, the trade association for the world’s airlines, is releasing a Travel Pass app later this month. The EU is creating a digital and printed ‘certificate’ and the new rules in California require proof of immunization or testing for large events.

Travel Pass or Travel Passport?2021-04-09T14:24:32-07:00

Tips for Pics


Tips for Pics It seems like we all are living, and sharing, our lives through pictures these days. And when we travel, be it for the Almond Blossom Cruise or an African Safari, we really get crazy with taking and posting pictures. If you’re like me you probably often ask yourself, “Can I make a

Tips for Pics2021-04-09T14:22:58-07:00

Miles and Miles of Pink and White Blossoms


Miles of Pink and White Blossoms A visitor from Asheville, North Carolina asked me, after his first Almond Blossom experience, “Why doesn’t the rest of the world know about this?” This question from a guy who enjoys 50-mile full fall foliage views every autumn! That is the question that led our team at

Miles and Miles of Pink and White Blossoms2021-02-02T10:23:14-08:00

Prepping for Your Road Trip


Prepping for Your Road Trip We’re all pretty cooped up and ready to travel. Most of us are planning road trips over the next few months. Here at Visit Modesto we look forward to seeing travelers arriving starting in Mid-February through early March for the Almond Blossom Cruise. We want visitors to get

Prepping for Your Road Trip2021-01-21T10:17:26-08:00

No Ego, No Pride


No Ego, No Pride; Pandemic Thought for the Day Pride and ego have no place here. Emotionally some of us are holding it together better than others. Not so say that we’re all not feeling the toll of isolation, financial stress, worry about actually ‘living through this’ and even the sadness of losing loved

No Ego, No Pride2020-07-24T08:50:44-07:00

A Little Something Extra


A little something extra; Pandemic Thought for the Day Lagniappe: def - a little something extra (pronounced lan-yap). I love this Cajun term. Lagniappe is often used in Louisiana culture to express a form of personal or professional hospitality. Think about it; how does your business or service provide customers a little something extra? There’s an

A Little Something Extra2020-07-24T08:50:50-07:00

One Thing


One Thing; Pandemic Thought of the Day One Thing. Remember Curly in City Slickers? He told Mitch that you only need to focus on "One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean sh-t." There’s a business lesson there we can all consider very seriously in these trying times. Actually,

One Thing2020-07-24T08:50:54-07:00



Control; a thought for the day We are not in control; Rich or poor, book-smart or street-smart, active or couch potato, influencer or no friends at all, prince or pimp we are all affected by the pandemic equally. From the Prime Minister of Great Britain to the Partier on the Beach of Miami we

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