Control; a thought for the day

We are not in control; Rich or poor, book-smart or street-smart, active or couch potato, influencer or no friends at all, prince or pimp we are all affected by the pandemic equally. From the Prime Minister of Great Britain to the Partier on the Beach of Miami we can get the virus and have the potential to perish. Basically, we have no control over what the virus can do to us.

We do have control over important aspects of our lives during these difficult days;

  • We can treat each other with grace and kindness
  • We can look for the silver lining in every cloud
  • We can respect each other’s thoughts without rebuttal
  • We can consider the end goal in every business or personal interaction – we all want to come “out the other side” physically and fiscally healthy
  • We can stop passing judgement based on our own bias
  • We can think about those less fortunate before reacting… people really are dying, people really are losing everything, people really have no resource for healthcare or education or food or housing
  • We can think about others when we go out in public as to how we touch, cough, sneeze or give some space regardless of our own beliefs on the health crisis

This is not about being in control of ‘what happens to us today’. This can be about being completely in control of how we handle ourselves for these few weeks and, maybe more importantly, in the months and years ahead.