Cruise Like A Local

Part 1

Welcome! Here’s some insider tips for the Almond Blossom Cruise! I went and picked some brains to get our team’s seasonal favorites. Some of us live right in the heart of Modesto, and some of us live in small outlying cities, so this is a pretty good list from Gen Z, Millennials, Dads and Moms. From great food in Modesto to some favorite parks and stores, plus hidden treasures thrown in! This is just part one, so check back weekly for even more local favs. Our allergies are telling us that the gorgeous white and pink blossoms will be here soon! Check out these favs while you’re visiting for the Almond Blossom Cruise and you will truly be “cruising like a local”.

Elyse, Marketing Manager

Oakdale Cheese & Specialties: “Oh My Gosh! Every cheese is incredible. There are aged cheeses that rival parmesan (and can be used as substitutes), my cheese curdfriends LOVE the cheese curds, the fresh made grilled cheese sandwich is yummy…plus you can buy your goodies, including wine, and dine outside where the little ones can run around and check out the animals too!” – Todd

Stewart & Jasper Orchards: “I love wine tasting with cheese at Stewart and Jasper. I get to buy my almond goodies on the way out too!” – Kristin

J & J Ramos Farmstand: “You can’t go wrong while shopping here! They have everything from fresh fruit to baked goods to honey and more.” – Elyse 

Ferrareses Deli: “This gem is more than meets the eye, you won’t be sorry you stopped there… even if there’s a wait” – Kate

Preservation Coffee & Tea: “If you like strong coffee and a touch of nostalgia, then this is the coffee shop for you! Delicious coffee with a side of VHS tapes playing daily. My personal favorite is the Contractor.” – Elyse 

West Modesto off Hart Road – “For quick orchard views just a few minutes from downtown there’s no better drive. I’ll pull over in a safe spot and eat lunch that I grabbed at The Sandwich Shop on Kansas and just chill out.” – Todd

Cahoots Corner Cafe: “I grew up going there and to put it simply, Cahoots never gets old. The hometown vibes and pride are very welcoming and wholesome.” – Kate 

Village Baking Company & Cafe: “If you have a sweet tooth, this is a must try! They have AMAZING baked goods – if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!” – Elyse 

Village Butcher: “Matt and his crew are incredible, I never can decide which sandwich is better and I find I always leave with something fresh from the butcher case for dinner!” – Todd

The Fruit Yard: “OK, these BBQ sandwiches are ‘to die for’ – eat ‘em there, take ‘em on the road, grab a pie…doesn’t matter, it’s all soooo good. If you are there late in the day, grab the ‘family dinner’ BBQ to-go and the whole family will be happy!” – Todd

Marsella Family Vineyards: “This detour is definitely worth taking, but make sure to call for an appointment! I mean, who doesn’t love a wine tasting paired with amazing views.” – Kate

Mocha Magic: Of course I have a sweet tooth, but Maria’s shop is so much more than a sweet place; Avocado Toast, cappuccino, muffins, gluten-free/sugar-free baked goods…I’m there at least once a week!” – Anthony

This is only part one of our series! Cruise along with me next week for more local staff favorites  🤗