Do Taco Trucks serve Authentic Mexican Cuisine?

Authentic is defined as ‘of undisputed origin’. When it comes to food there’s authentic – Kansas City BBQ sauce which means sweet and tangy (usually Ketchup and molasses), a real bagel is boiled (yes, that is a thing!) and Chicago-style pizza has been deep dish baked in a pan. But when it comes to Authentic Mexican Cuisine there’s a twist; it is an item that has usually been prepared in Mexico for 50 or more years[1] and its origins date back to Mayan and Aztec cultures blended with the influence of the settlers from Spain a few centuries ago. What many of us call ‘authentic Mexican food’ is really Tex-Mex[2] – food that is inspired and adapted from Mexican cooking traditions.

Either way…we love ‘em all! Here in Modesto, we have an incredible tradition of celebrating Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine. Truckers moving North or South on CA 99 and I-5 have been hitting up the food trucks and Mexican restaurants in Modesto for years. As a result, we felt it was time to make a list and make it easy on everyone to sample their favorites. We’ve even separated our list into brick-and-mortar restaurants and food trucks (ok…taco trucks!).

What’s amazing is that you’ll find different versions of ‘authentic’ in different parts of town. There are some families that vary on recipes from one sibling to another when both siblings operate restaurants. That’s what so cool about frequenting Modesto for ‘authentic’ Mexican food and awesome Tex-Mex…you get great quality, locally grown ingredients, incredible variety and choices; from taco trucks to family restaurants and options from South Modesto on Crows Landing Road to North Modesto with Mexican influenced sushi!

So, get in the car and check out our list… you’ll be able to sort it by what’s close or by food trucks versus sit-down restaurants!



-Todd Aaronson

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