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Eat Your Cookies Responsibly

Whether you’re a canna-seur or canna-curious, and over 21, Modesto has licensed retailers ready to help you in a community that welcomes all visitors. Visit Modesto wants you to navigate the area in a safe, comfortable fashion while learning about or purchasing legal products during your visit. Please subscribe below to learn more and be alerted when the program releases.

Since January 2018, residents and visitors 21+ have been legally purchasing and consuming cannabis in The Golden State. To help you during your visit to our area, we’ve developed this list of Do’s and Don’ts while visiting and enjoying your preferred recreation.


Visit a shop that is licensed by the local government. Even it’s just for the experience or to learn more about the products offered.

Enjoy responsibly. Use ride share, have a spirit guide (designated driver), call a cab or just stay put until the right time.

Pay close attention and follow state and local regulations at all times.


Provide regulated products to people under the age of 21.

Purchase products from individuals or businesses that are not locally licensed.

Drive under the influence of any controlled substance.

Fly or transmit controlled substances across state lines.

Miss out on the experiences and offers of the MoTownCannaPass later this month.


Like a fine wine pairs with food, canna-products pair with experiences in a similar way. Mindfully consumed effects will awaken certain targeted senses and enhance the activity and environment you are walking into. That’s right – we’ve reached the era of Effect Pairings as part of your MoTown CannaPass adventures.

Effect Pairing is the art of selecting and consuming a cultivar or product to optimally enhance an activity or experience. Ask your licensed retail expert consultant at Cookies for Effect Pairing product recommendations!


Know the basics of what is and is not allowed, be safe.

Carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated and comfortable.
Carry chewing gum to add some flavor to your experience, when needed.
Go Low and Go Slow when consuming THC-rich cannabis products
Beware of mixing cannabis and alcohol. If you do decide to mix, consume cannabis first and wait for the effects to set in prior to drinking.
Be Patient. It may take up to 2 hours for the cannabis effects from edibles and beverages to set in.


Laughter – and it’s the very best medicine, so enjoy!
Being fully present – and sometimes losing track of the conversation!
Creative thinking – embrace and analyze your thoughts, they’re telling you something!


Cannabis shop license verification – https://search.cannabis.ca.gov/
Ride Share – https://uber.com/ https://www.lyft.com/
United Cab and Taxi – 209-888-8888 – https://unitedcabmodesto.com/

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