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Welcome to the future! National research and data reveal that the Active Leisure Cannabis Travel Audience in the United States spends more, stays longer, and takes more trips per year than the Average Active Leisure Traveler. And that’s a big deal in our industry. That’s why, with over two-dozen licensed retailers in the county, Visit Modesto has been working with Cultivar Brands to develop a cannabis tourism program for our destination.

Think about it…if we launched a ‘beer week’ or ‘pub crawl’ itinerary, there would be very little concern as these types of programs exist on just about every continent and most destinations. We even launched the Get Mo Wine program in 2020 to help visitors (and locals) learn more about how to pair food with wine while enjoying the great dining options in Modesto. Yet, here we are with cannabis a similarly controlled substance and making sure we dot all our i’s and cross all our t’s to insure a program that promotes safety, well-being and visitation.

This Toolkit was designed to help our partners prepare for, serve, and capitalize on the Cannabis interested visitor. Included in this Canna-are cannabis hospitality assets that educate and offer turnkey incremental revenue opportunities for our partners in the hospitality industry..

In this Canna-Toolkit the assets listed below with a link to each document:

Education – Learn about the cannabis-interested visitor including who they are and what cannabis-related experiences they are interested in. Learn why cannabis, hemp and CBD promote wellness.

  • Cannabis Travel Audience Profile Data – Research on the CannaVisitor
  • Cannabis 101 Module – the history and general information about cannabis

Risk Mitigation

Hospitality Assets – these brochures are available in printed form. We encourage partners who may have guests ask about cannabis and purchasing to review the Partner Program and share with individuals who are canna-seurs or canna-curious the Motown Cannapass Visitor information

  • Partner Program (link to pdf of brochure by panel)
  • Visitor Information (link to pdf of brochure by panel)
  • Licensed Retail Dispensary List (6/21) – https://visitmodesto.com/dispensaries/

Revenue Opportunities – Cannabis, hemp and CBD-themed products and services are capable of driving incremental revenue. Our partner at Cultivar Brands has vetted partners who are best in class with products designed for hospitality retail and travel. NOTE the products available for retail by your business are NOT controlled cannabis products, these are legal retail products if you wish to have some in your retail area and include a tightly curated menu of vetted, hospitality ready brands and services that integrate into lobby shop or foodie activities. These are often single use product bundles that serve groups and weddings and include co-marketing opportunities including campaigns, pop-ups, and miscellaneous collaborations.

Please contact [email protected] to be connected with our partners at Cultivar Brands for further assistance


Are you a Visit Modesto partner and looking to learn more about the MoTown CannaPass? Download the brochure below!


About Our Partnership

Cultivar Strategies and Visit Modesto partnered up to bring education, resources and tools to the canna-seur and canna-curious travelers visiting the city of Modesto. With a wide variety of dispensaries located throughout the city the we knew there was a need to be meant when it came to not only educating the consumers but also educating the businesses that are in the dark about the industry.

As the cannabis industry gains more acceptance through out the country our organization (Visit Modesto) and Cultivar Strategies look to be on the cutting edge of how to merge the cannabis industry with tourism & travel. The two are more connected than most may think and this is proven by data and insights gathered over time from this specific demographic.

This initial project will serve as a benchmark moving forward in the partnership with Cultivar Strategies and Visit Modesto as we look to continue to innovate within the travel & tourism space.

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